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        “Front end loader of Kubota” product release will be held in

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        2010 Product Release Conference of Hanmey Brand Front End Loader for Kubota Tractors will be held on 24th, March, 2010. By then, Leaders and Managers of KAM (Kubota Agriculture Machinery), 55 Domestic Dealers of Kubota as well as Leaders of Han-Sun machinery will be attended.

        This is the first Product Release Conference that held by Han-sun Machinery, which will have 2 models exhibited, LD954-QS and LD704-QS. The title for this Conference is “Same greenland, same pursue”, which indicates, through the co-operation of KAM and HAN-SUN machinery, we would create more and more quality Agri-culture machinery and Implements to contribute to the development of Agriclture mechanization and modernizatin of China with joint hands.


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