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        • About Us

        Estibalished in 2003.
        With over ten years of manufacturing experience.
        Covers over 50,000 M2area and building up nearly 35,000 M2 workshop.
        Advanced processing equipment like:
        Laser cutting machine,  Horizontal machining center, Paint line, Robot welding etc.
        Outstanding R & D team:
        More than 15 engineers responsible for various types of agriculture equipments.
        Over 300 employees, production and distribution nearly 20,000 units machines in domestic and abroad market every year.

        Developing a wide range of products for gardening or farming maintenance.
        More than 60 serials and 400 models of various implements.
        Such as: Flail mower, Rotary tiller, Front end loader, Backhoe, Wood chipper etc.
        Adapted to a variety of horsepower tractors.
        Flexibility and attention to customers' requests and feedback.
        To satisfy every customer's needs to the greatest extent.
        With ISO9001 and CE certification.
        Providing a well technical support and sales support with accessories.
        To present you a better farming life.

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